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Brooks Shoe Company is an American, founded by Morris Goldenberg in 1914 with the original name being “Brooks Shoe Manufacturing Company.” Brooks originally started making ballet slipper and bathing shoes until the 1920’s when they designed their first light weight running shoe named “Charriot.” During World War II they temporarily shifted their focus to producing shoes for the military. Once the war ended, Brooks returned to manufacturing athletic footwear and launched the “Run-Thru” running shoe in 1955. Through the decades the Brooks brand remained focused on technological advances in footwear from using a foam footbed to developing the first ever waffle sole to improve traction and prevent slipping. In recent years they have developed new technologies such as DNA cushioning and GuideRails , which provide runners with extra support and prevent excessive foot movement and overpronation. Currently headquartered in Seattle, WA and remain dedicated to crafting high-quality running shoes and has earned a loyal following among serious athletes and runners.

Brooks Running Technology

Brooks uses a range of materials and construction techniques to create shoes that are lightweight, breathable, and flexible, helping runners to move more efficiently and comfortably. Known for their innovative technology that helps runners perform better and prevent injury. One of Brooks key technologies is DNA cushioning, which adjusts to the runner’s stride, weight, and speed to provide personalized cushioning and support. This technology helps to reduce impact and improve shock absorption, making each stride more comfortable.

Brooks has also developed is GuideRails for “motion control,” which is designed to provide extra support and stability to runners who have a tendency to overpronate. GuideRails are located on the side of the shoe and help to guide the foot into a natural and stable alignment, reducing the risk of injuries and pain.

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